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Wali Hashi is the year's 2011 New Citizen of Turku

Hashi Wali_iso

Wali Hashi worked for a month on the mine-laying vessel Pohjanmaa off the pirate coast of Somalia. The document can be seen in Silminnäkijä on TV 2. Photo: Hashi Wali archives

The City of Turku has nominated Wali Hashi, Reporter, as this year's New Citizen of Turku.The New Citizen of Turku was selected for the sixth time.

This year the emphasis for the selection was on the activity with a social impact: integrating immigrants into the Finnish society, and reminding everyone that immigrants can act as links to the outside world, help us understand and build bridges to their own cultures.

Wali Hashi is proud to be a Finn

– This was a great welcome back greeting to Turku. I returned today from Africa, rejoices Hashi after learning about being nominated this year's New Citizen of Turku.
– A recognition always feels good, even if it is bewildering at the same time. There are many immigrants in Turku who do a lot of good work.

 Wali Hashi has become familiar to many Turku residents from the Turku TV's Jambo programmes, where he has for years already, together with Heikki Kauhanen, Reporter, raised immigration related issues from a variety of angles.

Immigrant or a Finn

Wali Hashi arrived in Finland from Somalia when he was 17 years old, and has lived in Turku for over 20 years.
– I am a Finn and proud of it. I have achieved a lot here: my relationship, children, a profession and work. Finland is my home country.

Wali reminds that even many adult immigrants are not immigrants, but Finns born and raised in Finland.

– It should already be possible to get over the "we" and "others" type of thinking. It is baffling that Finnish experts are still asked about immigrants, when one could ask directly from people who live here and master the Finnish language, and who have an insight of integrating their own and the Finnish culture.

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