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The Mater marium multimedia artwork received its final look on 2 May.

Mater marium shines a light on memories of the sea and Turku’s former shipyard work

Lighting designer and artist Tarja Ervasti’s multimedia artwork Mater marium was given its final look on 2 May. The work has been programmed for the year ahead so that the changes in the lighting and video images will reflect the changing seasons as well as Turku's shipbuilding history. 

Mater marium

Above: Mater marium (photo: Arto Takala), Crane photograph: Matti Puhakka

A steel sculpture that also makes extensive use of light has been added to the existing artwork on the crane. The new artwork will join the City of Turku's art collection.

During the early spring of 2012 we already received a foretaste of the experiential artwork on Mater marium. However, as the year advances eight different video programmes will take their turn to be displayed on the video surface of the multimedia artwork.

The abstracted imagary is based on old archive material as well as modern documentaries about the shipyards and focuses on local shipbuilding traditions, seafaring and the landscape of the river Aura. The artwork will carry memories of events from the riverbank including: The Ancient Bonfires Night, The Tall Ships Races, and the Capital of Culture year’s opening ceremony.

During the summer, the video images that can be enjoyed include sailing ships and seascapes, while from autumn to spring shipyard scenes will be displayed.

The Mater marium's new sculptural element is an icosahedron, polyhedron made of Corten steel. The rust-coloured steel is meant to evoke associations with the shipbuilding industry, while its shape follows that of the earth. The 20 triangles that form the unpolished polyhedron are lit to resemble the glow created when flame-cutting.

The Harbour Crane is part of the Capital of Culture year

Part of the programme for the Capital of Culture year is aimed at using the medium of art to highlight regional identity, including Finland's oldest port and the shipbuilding and shipping industry in Turku.

The Harbour Crane project also aims to become a permanent addition to Turku’s public and environmental artwork collection, while simultaneously being a reminder of Capital of Culture year 2011.

The project has been realised in collaboration between the Turku Cultural Centre and the Turku 2011 Foundation with the support of the Port of Turku and Turku Energia. The decommissioned crane is owned by the Forum Marinum Foundation. Turku Municipal Property Corporation are responsible for the maintenance and surface treatment of the crane.

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