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An alternative city festival

The Urban Summer Holiday is still going strong

The Urban Summer Holiday enters its last month on Wednesday 1 August and alternative cultural and musical events will be offered until 5 August in different parts of Turku.

The majority of the events are free and the programme is broad: gigs, film screenings, art exhibitions, improvisational theatre, etc. In addition, the programme also takes us to urban areas and spaces we may not be accustomed to visiting.

Jumping onto the city festival stage on from 1 to 5 August are Musta Köksä whose roots are in Noitalinna Huraa!, the Australian-Finnish acoustic duo Satuo, the home appliances band the Cleaning Women, instrumental mood music viziers Nieminen & Litmanen as well as the cabaret group Kitkerät Neitsyet.

Event Locations include Martin kulttuuriolohuone (Martti’s cultural living room), Sarjakuvakauppa, Kulmabaari, Brinkkala's courtyard and Colourscape.

A new communal city festival

Summer events have been organised at Brinkkalan yard since 2009. The source of the idea for a festival that has a low threshold for participation came from the free DBTL concerts that were once organised on Puolalanpuisto. This year the event has expanded to the whole city and become a comprehensive urban festival. The festival is held during all three summer months.

The Urban Summer Holiday takes in a large number of Turku’s alternative cultural actors and facilities and does so on their own terms. Thus, no institution is paid for putting on or co-ordinating events or receives any commission.

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