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Night of the Arts 16 August

Night of the Arts puts on its best in the centre of the city

Night of the Arts will once again delight Turku by presenting the best of its diverse cultural life. A lush programme of events will take place in different parts of the city centre. And, as is traditional, most of the events will be free of charge.

avoimet harjoitukset
The City Theatre will offer a sneak preview of its new play Ei maar ny loppu löhöily. Photo: Jan Merilä

The Night of the Arts can be enjoyed at several locations including the Main Library, the City Theatre, Vähätori, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, Hansa, Varvintori, Pieni Kirjapuoti. And there is a dazzling variety of art, culture and events to see: dance, music, theatre, museums, literature, design, poetry and skateboarding.

Chords and melodies

Night of the Arts has a rich programme for music lovers. The Main Library’s courtyard will feature concerts from Mümmö, Lauluyhtye Morel, Turku Cello Ensemble as well as Tuomiokirkon naiskuoro (Turku Cathedral’s Female Choir). Vähätori will reverberate to the sounds of big bands and organ music and at Puutori you can hear the legendary Turku band Vilperi Perikunta. Not be outdone, the Hansa Centre presents the opportunity to hear classical music with a contemporary twist.

The Turku Music Festival also joins in with the Night of the Arts; most notably, at Hämähäkkitontti, which is where Leif Segerstam, Helena Juntunen, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra and the CCA Choir will put on a free concert.

Theatre and Dance

Night of the Arts also offers a chance to see numerous dance and theatre performances. You should also be prepared to be light on your feet as Salsamor Dance School will be inviting you to learn new steps and moves every 20 minutes throughout the evening. In the Thalia section of Hansa five different dance performances from show dancing to salsa and burlesque can be witnessed, and you can also feast your eyes on burlesque at Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art.

The City Theatre offers its traditional peek at theatre rehearsals with the new play Ei maar ny loppu löhöily opening its door to the public on Thursday evening. In the ground floor lobby you can also see snippets of Vallan valoja 1812, while at Åbo Svenska Teater and Kaarina nuorisoteatteri (youth theatre) the doors to rehearsals are being thrown open to the public for the evening.

Literature, museums and street culture

Literature has always been a driving force behind Turku’s Night of the Arts and this year is no exception as writers will have readings at Pieni Kirjapuoti and the Main Library’s courtyard. Alternatively, you can jump on Jokke Jokijuna (Jokke River Train), upon which international and national poets will ride and rhyme.

The visual arts and history are not to be left out and many of Turku's museums will open late into the evening at a reduced price. Furthermore, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova has workshops on the recycling of materials, while Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art has an adult tYÖpaja (workshop) for awakening hawkmoths and queens of the night.

Varvintori will be home to the RCM TORIJAMIT vol.2 street culture event, featuring the S.K.A.T.E. games, music and graffiti art. Evening shopping on Night of the Arts also contains culture through Hansatori’s Design Sales, and there is also the Vihreä Cultural Flea Market in front of Apteekkimuseo and a used book market in the Main Library’s courtyard.

Night of the Arts is the collective effort of actors and enthusiasts in Turku’s culture and arts scene It varies in themes and interests from year to year. Happening Oy has coordinated the event since 2003, putting together and publishing the official programme.

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