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uusien kansalaisten juhla

Celebrators entertained by Norlan and other entertainers

New citizens of Finland congratulated in Turku

A celebration for new citizens of Finland was held on 25 March at Turku. More than 400 residents of the Turku region who received Finnish citizenship last year were invited to the event. The celebration also included the presenting of awards to the year’s New Citizen of Turku and Multicultural Act.

Awards will be presented at a celebration for new citizens of Finland

Entrepreneur Aydin Yilmaz and Runokohtauksia project awarded

New Citizen of Turku and Multicultural Act were chosen for the tenth time. Based on nominations by the residents of Turku, the City of Turku chose Aydin Yilmaz as the New Citizen of Turku for 2015 and the Runokohtauksia project as the year’s Multicultural Act.

Vuoden uusturkulainen ja monikulttuurisuusteko

Awards go to council members and football

New Citizen of Turku and Multicultural Act chosen

Roda Hassan, Alas Ali and Mohammad Azizi, who are members of Turku City Council, were named New Citizens of Turku for 2014. Football received the recognition for the year’s Multicultural Act, due to its role as an integration method.

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What the year's New Citizen of Turku and the year's Multicultural Act mean

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Did you know that currently the residents of Turku represent approximately 130 different nationalities and speak 100 languages? There are over 16,500 Turku residents whose native language is not Finnish or Swedish.

Every year the City of Turku selects the year's New Citizen of Turku and the year's Multicultural Act. The acknowledgement is given for the purpose of drawing positive attention to Turku's internationality and its multicultural everyday life.

Make a difference by suggesting influencers for 2015

Please use this opportunity to have your say by proposing individuals for the title of New Turkulainen, New Citizen of Turku, and Best Multicultural Act. Please submit your suggestions before 30 January 2014.

Selection Criteria

The year's New Citizen of Turku will be a person with an immigrant background living in the Turku area, and the award for the Multicultural Act will go to a person, company, association or other organisation that has been setting an example in promoting multiculturalism.

In addition to this, the candidates should have helped to:

  • increase contact and mutual understanding between the immigrant and majority populations
  • create new modes of operation to promote tolerance and integration in innovative and unprejudiced ways
  • promote collaboration between differing ethnic groups.
pikku kupla enkku

The winner will be chosen by a jury appointed by Mayor Aleksi Randell. The jury consists of persons representing the immigrant community, the Turku Society, the Turku Chamber of Commerce, the Employment Office, the Turku Area Development Centre, the media and the city.

The acknowledgments are given yearly

The year's New Citizen of Turku and the year's Multicultural Act have been awarded since 2006. Previously, recognition has been given to the following persons:

In 2014 Roda Hassan, Alas Ali and Mohammad Azizi, who are immigrant members of Turku City Council, and football for its role as an integration method for children, young people and adults. Examples include the Åbo IFK P-01 team and the multicultural sports association, FC Nations United
In 2013 teacher Hatice Kütük and the Turku Christian Institute
In 2012 CEO Maria Severina and retired school teacher Anja Marjanen
In 2011, Reporter Wali Hashi and Annika Hongisto, Principal, and activities supporting multi and interculturality at primary level at Turun Normaalikoulu Teacher Training School
In 2010, The chairman of Sondip ry and Yhdessä Yhdistys ry Hasan Habib and the actions taken by Turku Women's Centre against honour-related violence.
In 2009, Entrepreneur Ahmed Al Chibib and Teacher Ismo Laine
In 2008, Executive Officer Selim Selimi and Specialised Social Worker Päivi Talvinen
In 2007, Teacher Irina Ossipowski and Project Manager Sari Kanervo
In 2006, Designer Binh Le Xuan and Teacher Tellervo Vaitinen

The acknowledgments will be presented at a celebration honouring persons who have attained Finnish citizenship.

The City of Turku’s Immigration Coordinator Regina Ruohonen was acknowledged in 2012, and Hülya “Hissu” Kytö in 2014 for their long careers and lifelong work with immigrants.

Celebration for new citizens

The acknowledgements are presented at a celebration held in the spring, which is organised annually by the City of Turku for residents who have received Finnish citizenship. The celebration was first held in 2004.

The celebration and acknowledgements were the idea of Hissu Kytö, and Turku’s celebrations were the first of their kind in Finland. The celebrations in 2014 were the first held jointly between the municipalities of the Turku region.

Further information:

 Mikko Lohikoski, Director, Communicatios and External Affairs

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