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Travel back in time over a hundred years to Christmas in Turku

The Christmas Play leads market visitors into the old-time Christmas atmosphere

The Christmas Market at the Old Great Square tunes visitors into the old-time Christmas atmosphere on four weekends before Christmas 22–23 Nov, 29–30 Nov, 6–7 Dec and 13–14 Dec 2014 at 11.00–17.00.

Currently there are a total of 150 playgrounds dotted around Turku

Moomin-themed playground is a hit with kids

"The popularity of the Moomin-themed playground has soared since its opening. We’ve also received numerous inquiries about it from tourists visiting Turku”.

The festival promotes local food culture and the food know-how of Turku

Food & Fun brings international top chefs to Turku

Ten high-end restaurants and ten international top chefs will meet during 1–5 October 2014 in Turku, as the Food & Fun event will be organized for the first time outside Iceland.

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