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Currently there are a total of 150 playgrounds dotted around Turku

Moomin-themed playground is a hit with kids

"The popularity of the Moomin-themed playground has soared since its opening. We’ve also received numerous inquiries about it from tourists visiting Turku”.

The festival promotes local food culture and the food know-how of Turku

Food & Fun brings international top chefs to Turku

Ten high-end restaurants and ten international top chefs will meet during 1–5 October 2014 in Turku, as the Food & Fun event will be organized for the first time outside Iceland.


Prime Ministers will unveil the sculpture on 3 June at the Turku Baltic Sea Days

The Symbiosis sculpture collects funds for protection of the Archipelago Sea

Stefan Lindfors donates a sculpture to fund the Archipelago Sea conservation. The sculpture can be admired at Forum Marinum during the summer. In August the sculpture will be stationed at Maununtyttärenpuisto, at the confluence of river Aura and the Archipelago Sea.

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