Salla Tykkä / Events and guided tours

  • Artist meetings on Saturday 23 February and 27 April at 1 p.m.
  • Guided tours in finnish on Sundays at 2 pm
  • Trilogia film screenings
    on Saturdays at 2, 3 and 4 p.m.
    on Wednesday 27 February, 27 March, 24 April and 15 May at 5 p.m.

8 Feb - 19 May
Salla Tykkä

This exhibition is the first retrospective overview of the work of internationally renowned artist Salla Tykkä (b. 1973) in Finland. Tykkä works mainly with video and photography. The earliest works in the exhibition are from the late 1990s, and the latest Untitled (White – Alps) is from 2019.

In her video works, Tykkä employs the narrative means of cinema, but deviates from conventional plot arcs. Their narratives often contain more gaps than final solutions. The emotional charge and tensions are constructed through precise visual storytelling and sound design instead of dialogue. Tykkä utilises the methods of documentary films, such as archive photos and interviews.

The exhibition also includes photographs. Alongside the varying themes, Tykkä has photographed herself throughout her career. The portraits are autobiographical, but they share the theme of body control, power and discipline with her other works.

The pervasive themes of the display are gaze, power and gender. Who is looking and how? Who is the object of the gaze? In her earliest works, Tykkä has dealt with the gendered gaze. Whereas in her recent works, Tykkä has reflected on the Western and colonialist gaze and its problematic nature.

Tykkä’s most recent work Untitled (White - Alps) shifts the perspective from the personal to a broader perspective, to cultural meanings related to landscapes and culture-specific concepts of the universe. The travelogue, shot on analogue film, moves along with the currents of air in a hot air balloon with a view over the Alps, bathing in the light of the dawn.

The recent history of video art is also part of the show. The series of short films, entitled Trilogia, shot on film, is only exhibited as screenings, which highlights the act of watching a film as a collective experience and film as a time-dependent medium. The dialogue between Tykkä and cinematographer Samuli Saastamoinen, who has filmed many of the works on display, can be read at the exhibition in the form of a book.

Vincent Moon and Priscilla Telmon: Híbridos
15 March – 9 June

The Híbridos exhibition is an intense journey to the spiritual world of Brazil by French artists Priscilla Telmon and Vincent Moon. The film installation, which can be experienced with every cell of the body, is the audiovisual apex of four years of research. It dives from the jungle to the sea and into the city, guided by the rhythms of the sacred rituals of the shamans, mystics and initiated.

The story of the international film installation Híbridos the Spirits of Brazil (2018) progresses through sound, rhythm and movement, trying to connect with a world invisible to the human eye. The artists blur the boundary between the viewer and the subject. The camera angle is close, it nearly absorbs the viewer into a potent, musical trance.

The current period of transition, climate change and the increasing division based on cultural and social factors have led us to return to fundamental questions concerning the relationship between humans and their environment. People have tried to connect with the invisible through rituals, ceremonies and rites in various ways depending on their culture while trying to define their own position in relation to the universe. Híbridos is a journey towards finding this connection, and also maintaining it. There are many similarities between environmental philosophy, which consider humans one with other species of organism, and the ways of life of indigenous peoples, which focuses on maintaining a relationship with nature and perceiving humankind as an integral part of their cosmology. Understanding the importance of coexistence is a basic prerequisite for sustainable development and equality in society.

In the exhibition, the public may also view the extensive virtual archive material related to the project, which contains interviews, videos and music.

Híbridos is the first exhibition of WAMx, an international exhibition series launched at WAM that will invite an international expert every year to plan the exhibition program together with the museum. The theme of the 2019 WAMx is the symbiotic co-existence and interaction between humans and other life forms. The program is drawn up in collaboration with Gina Buenfeld, curator at Camden Arts Centre, London.