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Simo Helenius (1942–)



Simo Helenius: Curious, 1969
Photo: WAM archives 1997

Unveiled: 1973
Material: The sculpture is made of bronze, the pedestal is made of concrete.
Measurements: The height of the sculpture is 90 cm.
Location: Opintie 1,  the schoolyard of Aunela school


A curious plunge into the well of knowledge

Curious is a "very original portrait, as if a human being visible only from the waste up was about to throw him/herself into the well of knowledge" – so was the sculpture described by Margareta Jokinen, the former manager of WAM. She also reminisces the time when the sculpture was on display at the museum. It was noticed, then, that the children in particular were very interested of it. This set the basis for the current location of the sculpture. On 8 February 1973, Turun Päivälehti newspaper commented on the new location as follows: "The sculpture suits perfectly near an educational institute, because curiosity is something that is expected from the schoolchildren". However, the original name of the sculpture was In despair.

The plaster casting of the sculpture was bought in the art collection of the City of Turku in 1969 and it was cast into bronze in 1970. The sculpture was moved to its current location in 1972 and unveiled on 7 February 1973 although no official unveiling ceremonies were held because the sculpture had already been on display in the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art for a couple for years.


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