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Iiu Susiraja: Voimanainen (rajattu). Turun kaupungin taidekokoelma

Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, 14–25 May 2014

The Adidas Man and the Strongwoman

Through contemporary art, the exhibition explores the human strengths that support us in our everyday life. The exhibition showcases works that were created using a variety of techniques. All are part of the Turku City Art Collection.<br>


Artwork from a donated collection forms the Kertomuksia taiteennälästä exhibition at the Waino Aaltonen Museum

City Art Collection receives a substantial donation of artwork

The Museum Centre of Turku has received a donation of 326 works of art from the collection of Olavi Sundell, Aila Sundell-Weckman, Minka and Mira Sundell.

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