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The Myllysilta Bridge to be Demolished and Replaced

Myllysilta 8.4.

The City Council of Turku decided unanimously on Monday April 19th that the Myllysilta bridge will be demolished and replaced.   

The costs caused by the damage of the Myllysilta bridge and the construction of a new bridge will be covered by the city's damage fund. The total costs (rescue operation costs, the support and demolition of the old bridge, the construction of a new bridge and the building developer costs) are estimated to be approx. €  7 - 8 million. 

The new bridge may be open to traffic in July 2011.

The sagging of the Myllysilta bridge was observed on March 6th and has been closed to traffic since then.

The traffic arrangements

  • The traffic coming from the harbour towards the centre will be directed to take the route as follows: Linnankatu-Sairashuoneenkatu-Eerikinkatu. Those who drive from the harbour must turn left at Puistokatu by the Martinsilta bridge. The arrangement also concerns bus line 1 running from the harbour to the Market Square.
  • Martinsilta bridge has now lanes in two directions.There are two lanes leading away from the centre and one lane leading towards the centre. Those who drive towards the city centre can only turn right after crossing the bridge. It is still prohibited to turn left when leaving the city centre, and it is prohibited to turn right during rush hours on weekdays 3 pm - 5 pm.
  • Sairashuoneenkatu has now lanes in two directions.
  • Traffic lights are not in use at the following intersections:
  • Linnankatu – Koulukatu
  • Itäinen Rantakatu – Myllynahde
  • Public Transport: The buses  3, 9, 50, 51, 53, 54, 55, 56 and the service buses P1, P3 and the night bus 36 run via the Aurasilta bridge when coming from Hirvensalo towards the city centre. The locations of some bus stops at the Market Square will change. There will be information on the changes at the bus stops. More specific information about the arrangements concerning Public Transport
  • The changed routes for light traffic are marked at both ends of the bridges. One should follow the marked routes to avoid any danger.

Futher information:

Myllysillan takia tehdyt kaistajärjestelyt

Above: The driving direction which is normally allowed is now prohibited and marked with red. A larger pdf-file will appear by clicking the picture.


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