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Walter Runeberg (1838–1920)

  The statue of Pietari Brahe


Walter Runeberg: Pietari Brahe (detail), 1886-88

Photo: WAM / Tatiana Tolonen

Finished: 1886 
Unveiled: 1888
Material: The sculpture is made of bronze, the pedestal is made of red granite.
Measurements: The height of the sculpture is 295 cm, the height of the pedestal is 400 cm.  
Place: Rothoviuksenkatu 2, Brahenpuisto park


The national monument of Pietari Brahe (16021680), Governor-General of Finland and the first Chancellor of the Turku Academy.

Counting the years

Having been appointed Governor-General of Finland, Pietari (Per) Brahe (16021680) and his wife Kristina Katarina Stenbock arrived at the Turku Castle in 1637. He was the Count in Finland for a total of only six years, a time that is considered very well-administered despite the shortness of it. The Count was known for his inspections, and during his time in charge, many improvements were made in Finland. The judiciary and military systems were improved, postal service implemented, new towns founded, and taxation reforms carried out. The very first university in Finland, Turku Academy, was founded in 1640, and the Count naturally became its first Chancellor.

A pleased man

Carved by sculptor Walter Runeberg, Pietari Brahe stands tall in the park that carries his name by the Turku Cathedral, facing the old building of Turku Academy. Dressed in baroque lace, a plumed hat and festive boots, he looks just as important as only a national great man can. One hand comfortably on his hip and the other hand stoutly holding the founding documents of the Academy, he seems to know exactly how the land is ruled and developed. There is a text on the pedestal of something Pietari Brahe has said that can be translated as follows: I was pleased with the land and the land was pleased with me ( Iagh war med landett och landett med mig wääl tillfreds ).


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