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Events at Logomo are to become more easily reachable than ever before

Dedicated bus line for major events at Logomo

The city is to bring in a new line to serve major events taking place at Logomo. Line 101 will run Market Square–Logomo–Market Square.

Joukkoliikenne suosii sähkö- ja hybridikalustoa

Siemens and the City of Turku conduct a comprehensive study on producing local solar energy

In the Turku of the future, electric buses will run on solar energy

The City of Turku and Siemens have launched joint studies into introducing electric buses, developing a charging network for electric cars and producing solar energy in Turku.


The objectives of the general plan for a light rail system are to be presented to the City Board

The majority of Turku residents have a positive view of the light rail system project

Turku’s residents actively responded to the planned objectives of the plan for a light rail network in an Internet survey. Approximately 70% of the respondents welcomed the light rail system project.

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