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sound – image – experience


The exhibition depicts intersections of image and sound, and explores the experiences this evokes. Sound can evoke visual, spatial, or narrative mental images in the listener, while images can take the viewer’s thoughts to soundscapes or silence. The exhibition focuses on interpreting these intersections through Finnish contemporary art.


Sample. Contemporary painting from Turku


This exhibition presents a diverse and representative sample of what is currently interesting in contemporary painting in Turku. The exhibition showcases works from eight visual artists who work in the Turku region. Some of them have already gained wider recognition, but the participants also include new, promising talents. Each of them has chosen painting as their technique, but the
themes and forms of expression vary from one extreme to another.


Heikki Marila


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Sivua viimeksi päivitetty 26.9.2014 14:27 ja sivu on julkaistu 28.1.2010 15:04



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