Institute of Coexistence, the new exhibition series in WAMx, offers visitors a possibility to take their time with art works and let their senses grow more sensitive. The space has been transformed more intimate by draping it with red fabric.

WAMx's exhibitions in 2022

  • Rob Hesp 17 December 2021–6 March 2022
  • Tiio Suorsa 18 March–5 June 2022
  • Kim Laybourn 10 June–28 August 2022
  • Georg Jagunov 9 September–4 December 2022

Institute of Coexistence is created in response to the current ecological, social and biological crises. The aim is to reflect on and investigate alternative ways of coexistence that may create a better world. Danish artist Gry Worre Hallberg has created the physical and theoretical framework for the exhibition series. The four other artists included in the series take their turn in the space, resonating with the existing framework. The institute is divided into two rooms: in the first one the four artists unfold their perspectives on coexist-ence and interaction between humans and other species. In the second room they all leave behind a small presentation reflecting on the artistic research they have conducted while inhabiting the institute.

The four artists in the series have been chosen through an open call held in fall 2021. Exhibitions were chosen by curator Mikkel Elming and artist Gry Worre Hallberg in co-operation with WAM Turku City Art Museum. Elming is the director of the glass museum Glasmuseet Ebeltoft and is the founder of FSK – The Association for Contemporary Art. Hallberg is the artistic director and founding member of the Sisters Hope collective.