Kim Laybourn's Silly - sorry for calling you an inanimate object is the first version of a long-term project of his. The work comprises a multichannel video installation for the WAMX exhibition series Institute of Coexistence.

Kim Laybourn: Silly – sorry for calling you an inanimate object

Institute of Coexistence
WAMx 10 June – 28 August 2022

Turku City Art Museum WAM, Itäinen Rantakatu 38, Turku

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The different scenes of the work are presented independently and simultaneously on several different screens, allowing the viewer to experience the work spatially, as a place, or as a state of mind, rather than as an unbroken story.

Silly - sorry for calling you an inanimate object depicts a landscape bursting with life created using 3D animation.  It shows us plants that are familiar from our daily environment, which we consider to be passive, lifeless, and practically as inanimate objects. The plants nevertheless start to behave in ways that we are not accustomed to – freely and expressively, but also in an alienating manner. A new kind of point of view opens to us where completely new rules apply. Nature is no longer composed of passive and lifeless objects, but of active organisms with a strong will of their own. 

Kim Laybourn

Kim Laybourn is a Danish artist living in Norway. Laybourn graduated from the master's degree program at the Oslo Art Academy (KHiO) in 2019. In his work Laybourn focuses on the existential points of contact between people and nature and studies other living beings as active players. In recent years he has focused on landscapes and the nature around us as a subject - an active player. In his works Laybourn places the landscape in the foreground and in a central position, instead of having the landscape serve as a background for other subjects – usually people. Laybourn works with text, video, sound, music, animation, CGI-graphics, sculpture, and installations.

Kim Laybourn and the completion of his works have been supported by Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, the Danish Arts Foundation, and the Arts Council Norway.







Image: Kim Laybourn, Silly – sorry for calling you an inanimate object, 2022. Still image from video.