28 May – 18 September 2022
Antti Laitinen Flexible landscapes

The exhibition invites viewers to Antti Laitinen’s world, in which the landscape takes on strange shapes, and trees are covered in metal. Focusing on recent works, the exhibition offers a glimpse into the diverse production of the artist whose career spans two decades.

Physical labour has been part of Antti Laitinen’s art from the very beginning. In particular, his earlier works show signs of lengthy and exhausting efforts with almost absurd goals. In the artwork on display at WAM, the artist builds an island for himself in the middle of the sea (It’s My Island, 2007) and tries to move a lake using two buckets (Lake Shift, 2016)

In his newer works, the toiling artist has moved outside the picture frame. However, his artworks still take a countless number of working hours to complete. The photographs in Broken Landscapes (2017–2020) depict surreal forest landscapes. As people are so used to processed images, his landscapes may at first appear as digitally manipulated. However, the photographs depict actual changes in the landscape.

10 June – 28 August 2022
WAMx, Institute of Coexistence: Kim Laybourn

Kim Laybourn's Silly – sorry for calling you an inanimate object is the first version of a long-term project of his. The work comprises a multichannel video installation for the WAMX exhibition series Institute of Coexistence. The different scenes of the work are presented independently and simultaneously on several different screens, allowing the viewer to experience the work spatially, as a place, or as a state of mind, rather than as an unbroken story.