Plan your visit

  • Disabled persons’ companions have free admission to the museum.
  • We welcome guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance dogs in the galleries.
  • A lightweight wheelchair is available on request.
  • Strollers are available on request.
  • The ticket desk is fitted with a hearing loop.
  • Lockers are available in the lobby.
  • There are benches and folding chairs in the galleries.
  • Our opening hours and prices


WAM is partially accessible.


You will reach the museum's enabled access from Paavo Nurmen puistotie, a parkway between the museum and the City Theatre. There is an open gate without steps, that will lead to the terrace and the main entrance. A ramp is leading to the main doors, which are fitted with an electric opener.

The lobby, toilets and Café Wäinö are fully accessible.

The galleries

The main galleries are in three levels. There is a stairlift to the first level and a lift between the first and second levels. Capacity of the lift is 225 kg. The third level and the WAMx gallery are only accessible by stairs.

A safer space

  • Our museum is free of any kind of harassment, bullying or discrimination as an institution and workspace. In WAM everyone has the right to be themselves.  
  • Treat others with considerate manner and kindness.
  • Discussion over art is welcomed – but remember to give everyone their own space to enjoy art in peace.
  • Art can be emotive. There is room for many different interpretations in WAM. If you disagree with us or other patrons, do it respectfully. 

We are here for you

The staff at WAM is happy to assist you before, during and after your visit. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions regarding accessibility and a safer space.
If you notice that fellow patron is in need of assistance or come across any kind of discrimination or bullying in WAM, please let us know. 
If you have feedback or concerns about our practices, please let us know. We are eager to learn at all times.

Send us your feedback using this digital form (the link will open in a new window):